Video Of Worker Helping Robot Worker In Diner Sparks Debate

A TikTok video showing a robot being supervised by staff at the 41 Diner in Florida has sparked debate among viewers, with some saying they would never set foot in an establishment where they would be served by a robot instead of a person.

In the video posted by @nikkir999, a serving robot takes an order out to a customer but has to be walked to the door by an employee of the diner so that the door can be held open for it. “And this is replacing my job,” the employee says as she walks it to the door.

Some commenters who saw the video wrote that if a local establishment in their neck of the woods ever began offering robot table service, they would boycott it.

“I would get up and walk away if that brought me food out!” one commenter wrote.

“As a customer, refuse to be served by said robot, or simply pass local legislation protecting your rights,” another commenter wrote.

“Unfortunately, no patronage at your establishment,” a third said. “Just like self checkouts – boycott. Machines don’t have mortgages or mouths to feed.”

Others stated that they would miss the human element if waitstaff were to be replaced by robots.

“Some people go to restaurants for a friendly face to talk to,” one commenter wrote. “I don’t like it.”

“Wow. I don’t ever want a robot serving me honestly.” another commenter wrote. “I like to converse with the wait staff, and it makes it more personal.”

“This video is troubling and truly heartbreaking,” a commenter wrote. “I love technology but when are we going to say enough. People before profits.”

Still, some were interested in the prospect of being waited on by a robot rather than a person at restaurants.

“It better be replacing y’all jobs!” one commenter wrote. “You’re so ungrateful and lazy that I actually prefer a robot serving me instead.”

“(Reason) they want robots is because of employees (attitudes) like hers lol hope all get replaced,” another commenter wrote.

“They don’t cry over tips or give you attitude,” a commenter wrote.

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