Woman Warns Customers to Check Receipts for Hidden Fees

A TikTok user is begging everyone to double-check their receipts – sometimes the math isn’t adding up.

Her video calling out receipts with hidden $2 charges or unexplained 60% tax has sparked discussion online and reached almost 2,000,000 views.

In the original post, user @alexservestea rounds up examples of phantom charges that she’s been tagged in by other creators.

In one example, a restaurant receipt that should total $44.97 reads $46.95 with no explanation or detailed account.

In another, an alleged AMC movie theater receipt included an $11 tax on a $20 concessions bill – nearly 60%. Allegedly, when the customer asked the theater staff about the charge, they said it was an issue with corporate.

Alex also included a viral story that IHOP tips were allegedly going to corporate headquarters and not employees, a claim that IHOP has refuted.

The electronic mishaps outraged other TikTok users, who left stories of other alleged receipt charges. “Class action lawsuits need to happen quickly,” commented @mrsaffects.

Many users were thankful for Alex’s advice. “ I am 100% a person who pays the tab and never looks or ask for receipt and tips 20% automatically so I’m going to start paying attention,” wrote @burr.its.stina

Wild mishaps have gone viral, like a $5,500 Taco Bell order, but lately, stories of automatic tips for small Crumbl orders and DoorDash allegedly inflating prices on identical orders have drawn outrage online. People have had enough of receipt tricks in digital transactions.

“These corporations hate that social media is bringing out the truth,” wrote @Cococeasar.

@alexservestea told the Daily Dot that the first receipt mishap was resolved. There was confusion about the charge for an extra dish. However, the misunderstanding has prompted many users to share stories of hidden receipt charges and start a conversation.

She stresses that everyone should be checking their receipts. “Get a physical copy when they ask if you want a receipt. As you can see from the comments this is happening everywhere. People are being charged extra for things without knowing,” she added.

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