Woman Spends All Day Following Black Man Babysitting 2 White Kids, Then Calls The Police On Him

David and Dana, a couple from Cobb County, Georgia, hired a youth mentor named Corey Lewis to babysit their two children weeks in advance.

On the day Corey babysat the siblings — a 10-year-old girl and her 6-year-old brother — he took them to get lunch at Subway. But the day's events took a strange turn once the trio returned to their car.

A woman approached Corey in the parking lot and inquired about the kids; she asked him if they were OK. (The kids showed zero signs of distress at any point during the day because they were simply enjoying their lunch and their time with their babysitter.)

Moments later, the woman came back and asked if she could speak with the siblings herself.

When Corey said no, she called the cops.

Corey says this woman proceeded to follow them to the gas station, sat in her car watching and waiting, then followed them all the way back home.

A police officer arrived shortly thereafter with some questions for the children — and Corey filmed the whole day as it unfolded on Facebook Live.

Corey is black. The kids he was hired to babysit are white.

David and Dana heard what happened later that day… and now they have a message for the woman.

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