Woman Secretly Measures Height Of Her Matches As They Walk Through Door, Sparking Debate

It’s not uncommon for people on dating apps to stretch the truth. One TikToker wants to see exactly how much of the truth is stretched by guys she matches with on Hinge and invites over.

In a video that has been viewed 1.1 million times, a TikToker leans a tape measure against a door and marks the wall at 6 feet.

“Fact-checking guys we invite over from Hinge that say they’re six foot,” the text overlay reads.

“You must be at least this tall to ride,” the caption added.

While viewers had mixed opinions about the tactic, most were in support of it and thought it was a good way to spot a liar.

“It’s not that it isn’t okay to be short but like don’t lie about it,” one said.

“This does not vibe with short king spring,” one said, to which another replied: “it vibes with honest kings of any height tho.”

“I love when men say they are 6’ and show up being shorter than me. Can’t think of anything more embarrassing,” another person wrote in the comments section.

The comments were also inundated with fatphobic replies from people saying things like, “That’s why I have a scale in front of my door!”

However, those commenters were quickly shut down by others. “Every man commenting about putting a scale by the door is lying about his height,” one said.

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