Woman Says She's A Triplet But Is Four Years Younger Than Her Sisters

A woman has revealed that she and her two sisters are triplets - despite being born four years apart.

Shelby, aka @maximumstrengthpepto, posted a TikTok video to her account on the platform, in which she explained that she and her two sisters are technically fraternal triplets.

The TikToker told her followers that her parents had undergone in vitro fertilization, most commonly known as IVF.

Her mom went through the fertility treatment in the late 80s, she said. According to Shelby, some of the embryos were implanted into her mom, and her mom later gave birth to Shelby’s two sisters Courtney and Becca, who are now 32.

Only half of the embryos were used on her older sisters, so some years later, her parents decided to give it another go, with doctors suspecting it wouldn't work.

“The doctor told my mum that it would never work because they were frozen for way too long," Shelby said. “But that ended up being me, I’m a miracle.”

This explains why Shelby, Becca, and Courtney are technically fraternal triplets because they were all conceived at the same time, despite being separated by four years.

The video quickly went viral with almost nine million views and needless to say, users eagerly posed their questions.

Some users wanted to know what her Zodiac sign is, and Shelby responded in a follow-up video that she's a Gemini and her sisters are both Leos. However, she admits that she finds it weird that her moon and rising sign are both Leos.

Other users joked about how she was kept in a freezer for years.

One wrote: "What was it like while you were frozen? don't answer if it's too personal."

"They put you on snooze for 4 years," another joked.

"Never thought about that and now I'm obsessed with you being the third triplet just hung out for a beat in the freezer," another exclaimed. Shelby jokily replied: "just chilling in the freezer next to peas and carrots".

Shelby then followed up her viral video with a "sister reveal".

After showing users a picture of her with her sisters, many said Shelby looked like a mix of her two older sisters, despite Courtney and Becca looking nothing alike: “The twins don’t look like each other but somehow you look like both of the twins. Lol. Science, man!”

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