Woman Rates The Room Of The Man She’s Talking To

A TikTok of a woman rating the room of a man she was talking to has amassed over 2 million views on the app, with users freaking out over the set-up of the man’s home.

Initially posted April 9, the video, which has over 350,000 likes, shows @jstinelagirl inspecting certain objects in the man’s home while appearing to whisper, suggesting the man is not aware she is doing this.

Some of the items she points out in the video include three different phones, various stacks of money, a gold-plated money counter, a diamond tester, an expensive-looking diamond chain, and a pack of rubber bands, among other things. As pointed out by other TikTok users in the comments, the only furniture in the video appears to be flat-pack furniture, which led many viewers to the conclusion that the TikToker is at a “trap house.”

A “trap house” is slang used to refer to a place where drug dealers operate, or where drug users congregate to take substances.

With countless commenters getting sketchy vibes from the house, many warned the woman.

“Ma’am please stop touching all that evidence,” one commenter joked. “Girl, you better run!” another said.

Multiple commenters also suggested that it was a bad idea for the user, who boast nearly 90,000 followers, to make the TikTok, speculating that he may well have cameras in the home. “Girl just lay down he probably watching you,” one comment read.

But it isn’t just the commenters who think something fishy is going down. Judging by the on-screen text, which reads, “Rating the room of the guy I’m talking to (Trapper Edition),” it seems like the user has their own suspicions about the man’s occupation, too.

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