Woman Says She Posed As Linkedin Recruiter To Get Back At Cheating Ex Who Was Looking For Job, Sparking Debate

A woman’s viral video in which she claims to have orchestrated a fake interview process via LinkedIn for her “cheating ex” has commenters wanting to know how she pulled it off.

The video was posted to the platform April 15 by @kykynicolee, garnering 1.2 million views in just one day. In the video, @kykynicolee uses a superimposed text overlay to tell her viewers that she had used the job listing site as a way to “get back at her ex.”

She claims to have posed as a recruiter to trick him.

“When my ex cheated on me so I posed as a LinkedIn recruiter and made him go through a month long interview process then sent him a detailed rejection letter about how he’s not shit,” the text overlay reads.

People who saw the video really just want to know how she pulled it off.

“How did you interview him though?” one commenter questioned. “Wouldn’t he know it’s you if you did a phone/video call interview?”

“Ok but exactly how did you do this and try not to leave anything out,” another asked.

“Don’t be shy, let’s see the letter” a commenter wrote.

Others lauded the TikToker. “This is absolutely genius thank you for the idea,” one said.

Some, however, criticized the time it likely took to execute the plan.

“That’s (too) much effort, I’d try to move on instead,” one commenter wrote.

“That’s low key a lot of effort on her end,” another commenter wrote.

“Too much bother for one brother,” a third said.

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