Woman Is Fat-Shamed After Rejecting Man In Her DMs, Sends Screenshots To His Fiancée

A body-positive content creator has gone viral after sharing screenshots of a man fat-shaming her when she rejected him.

Shelby Goodrich Eckard is known as @pcossupportgirl on TikTok, where she has almost 170,000 followers and nearly 8 million likes. She is also a PCOS advocate, fitness nutrition, and weight loss specialist (NASM).

Earlier this month, Eckard posted a video featuring screenshots of a man's direct messages to her on Instagram, saying she was "literally perfect" and that he "would do anything" to get to know her.

She then replied: "That's very kind! But I am not interested or available at the moment. Have a good day!"

Check out the video here:

However, he ignored her shutting him down and proceeded to say: "I'd treat you real nice." Eckard then clarified again that she was not interested or available.

Not taking the rejection well, the man immediately resorted to fat-shaming her and hurled insults, writing: "Ur lucky someone like me would even think about touching ur b***h a**. [sic]"

Eckard shot back: “K. I am most certainly a b***h....but you will not be touching any part of me – including my a**. Also, upon further review, I think your FIANCEE probably would like to weigh in on this."

The man then responded: "F*** u fat b**** no need to get others involved."

After sharing the video on the platform, the post soon blew up with almost 260,000 views and people asking for a follow-up story of Eckard sending the screenshots to the man's fiancée.

She posted the follow-up video in the comment section:

The content creator's follow-up video quickly racked up nearly 350,000 views at the time of writing, with many eagerly discussing the situation in the comments section.

One user said: "ooo I hope she dumps him immediately. I wonder if he is going to send u angry messages now. if he does plz post them. I hope she keeps u updated."

Another commented: "Yesssss!!!!!! Good job!!!! I’m glad she took it so well."

"She seems like a fun girls girl she needs to leave him forever," a third user commented.

Whilst users thought that the fiancée took it well, Eckard commented under the video on April 17 that both the man who body-shamed her and his fiancée blocked her on Instagram.

Speaking to Bored Panda, Eckard said: “He didn’t understand the meaning of ‘no,’ and my ‘not interested’ didn’t stop him from continuing to harass me."

She also stated that men need to learn that women "don't owe them kindness or their attention."

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