Woman In Red Coat Sees Teen In Need As Husband Intervenes He Takes It A Step Further

When people are focused on going about their day, they might not pay attention to others. This is especially true in crowded public places like a train station.

It is easy to get lost in your own world and stay focused on yourself and your own thoughts.
TODAY reported how on a train one day, a woman in a red coat noticed that a teenage boy was having trouble tying a necktie. She asked him if he knew how to do it.

He said that he did not know how.

The woman was traveling with her husband and asked him to show the teenager how to tie the necktie properly.
The man did much more than simply tying the necktie for the teenager. He asked the young man to repeat the steps aloud and in action.

The teenager learned how to tie the necktie instead of just having the man do it for him.

This young man now knows how to do it for himself, and he will be able to teach others when the opportunity arises.
The teenager was surprised. Not all older people treat teenagers so kindly or take the time to teach them an essential skill. The young man was happy to receive help, polite to the couple, and thankful for learning a lesson that will last for a lifetime.

The community was touched by this gesture. Everyone on the train was happy to see this act of kindness. When the story was posted on social media, everyone who read it had a positive reaction. We need more good news like this!

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