Woman Claims Landlord Strangled Her After She Refused To Move Out Early

A TikToker accused her landlord of threatening her and physically attacking her after she reported his son for harassment in a harrowing series of videos.

@sweetdeefanpage, who goes by Izzie on TikTok, initially shared a video of her landlord coming into the condo where she was allegedly renting a room “without any notice” and demanding she returns her keys. She says she still had a month left on the rental agreement before she was to move out.

The video itself shows an older man pushing his way through a door and confronting Izzie, as a man—who she says is her roommate and his son—watches in the background. Izzie tells the man she “will call the police” in the video.

“This is my place. … I need the key right now,” he says.

A later series of photos show bruises on her neck with the claim that the landlord strangled her, prompting her to have to go to the emergency room. She alleged the landlord fled the police.

“When I refused to give him my keys he put his hand around my neck, slammed me on my bed and str*ngled me,” she wrote.

“I couldn’t scream or [breathe] when he did this,” she continued. “He continued for over a minute, I began to lose vision & hearing.”

She also posted a screenshot of his alleged “record details,” showing he bonded out of jail.

“He bailed out of jail last night, I still have to finish moving,” she wrote.

Her first video on the incident received 1.6 million views in a week.

In follow-up videos, Izzie said her roommate’s “bedroom had mold on everything and a foul smell throughout the condo.”

“At first the landlord was helpful & made him clean up. But as time went on the landlord cared less & less,” she wrote. “I decided to confront my roommate about the smell and the conversation quickly turned into a physical fight & police were called.”

She said tensions between the two of them continued to escalate.

She says that she reported the roommate for harassment, sparking the landlord’s demand for her to leave immediately. She says he did not attempt to evict her through official channels. “We were never served an eviction notice,” Izzie says.

Izzie says she was eventually able to get out of the living environment and into a new apartment with all of her belongings and her pets. She says she obtained a restraining order against the landlord and that he is being charged with assault in the second degree, a class B felony in Washington.

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