Woman Accused Of Stealing From Walmart In Viral Video

A woman claims that Walmart employees accused her of stealing and went through her entire cart, which she says gave her “a full-blown panic attack and have never been so embarrassed in my life.”

Heather Hookss uploaded the first recording to TikTok on April 13. In the clip, two Walmart employees go through her cart and cross-reference her receipt to see if it was paid for.

The text overlay reads: “Never been so embarrassed. I use Walmart all the time for my food and cakes. Forced me back through Walmart to check my receipt. Put my food on the floor.”

“You guys treat everybody like this?” asks Hooks.

“Ma’am we’ve treated you with utmost respect,” the male employee replies.

“You dragged me through Walmart like I stole and you told me to go in the room and give her my ID,” says Hooks.

She continued, “This is the most embarrassing thing ever, when you come to Walmart and come here everyday and spend hundreds of dollars in this store a week.”

“You are free to record, however, you do not need to sit here and give us commentary,” the male employee says.

“I’m not a thief,” says Hooks.

At one point during the checking process, the male employee wrongly accuses that the bottom items are not scanned but the other Walmart employees confirms that it was. Hookss asks for an apology, and he says he “misunderstood.”

As of April 14, the TikTok had garnered 1.9 million views.

In a second TikTok, Hookss explains that she “got stopped coming out of Walmart, walking out with my cart. They pulled me back, made me come to this room area and they’re saying that I didn’t pay for something.”

She adds that she had used the cashier’s gun because the Walmart was so crowded and no one was manning the registers. “I finally got to ring my stuff up and bagged it up. Called a worker and waited for him to fix the receipt it printed.”

“We all keep spending money with these big corporations and don’t care how they treat us,” she shared. “They expect people to ring themselves up while all their money is profit.”

“I am done with Walmart and I am not letting them get away with this either,” she wrote.

Commenters defended Hookss, saying Walmart should “REFUND ALL OF IT!”

“They pay people to do this but not check people out…? K,” another TikToker wrote.

“I don’t want none of the food at that point,” said one TikToker, referring to the food they put on the floor.

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