Will Smith's Agent 'Frazzled' Over Internal Debates As Friends Urge Actor To Go To Therapy

CAA is one of the biggest and most sought after talent agencies in the world and last week, debates over Will Smith's representation took center stage. The agency, which also represented disgraced director Harvey Weinstein, wants to be on the right side of history.
According to The Daily Beast, three top agents argued over whether to drop Will. Richard Lovett, who personally represents the actor, was reportedly "frazzled."

The debate over Will's representation comes as friends reportedly are urging the actor to step back from movie roles and focus on his mental health.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that friends are telling the actor to go to therapy. The source also said that Will's actions at the 94th Academy Awards "caused embarrassment." Still, his closest friends are trying to support him.

The source continued, "They believe there is a lot of anger in Will and his incident at the Oscars is just one way that it came out. They think he needs to take a break from acting, go to therapy, and sort out his issues."

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