Tiktok Of White Boys In Durags In Yogurt Shop Goes Viral

A TikToker caught a group of white boys in yogurt shopping sporting durags and was seemingly flabbergasted by what they witnessed.

“What in the gentrification is going on?!?!” the TikToker, @aklesso, questioned in the text overlay of the clip.

In the video, two white boys in durags are eating what appears to be frozen yogurt in a store.

“What y’all saying to them?” the TikToker questioned viewers.

The video was viewed over 76,000 times since it was posted earlier in the week.

Many viewers pointed out that they are seemingly wearing the durags for no reason, as one of the main intents of durags is to maintain waves in Black men’s hair, according to the African American Registry.

“Like why?!! They clearly don’t understand the purpose,” one person commented.

“You should’ve said can I see your waves,” another told the TikToker.

Some missed the point, coming to defense of the guys.

“Imagine a group of black guys wearing du rags and then just filming them, let them live their lives bro they ain’t hurting no one,” one said, to which the TikToker responded: “They livin’ great, it’s just hilarious. if you know what durags were meant for you would see how this is silly.”

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