Tiktoker Turns Down Manager Job At Family Dollar Because It Couldn’t Offer $21/hour, Sparking Debate

In a viral TikTok video, a woman says she turned down a manager job at Family Dollar after they couldn’t offer $21 per hour, which led to debate about fair wages in the comments.

“So, Family Dollar had a hiring event, and they were hiring for assistant store managers and store managers,” the TikToker, Jayla (@kewljai), says. “So, you know, I go through there, ask my typical questions.”

Jayla says she questioned the Family Dollar recruiter about their turnover rate, average sales, and hours she’d be expected to work. “Everything was good, everything was great,” she says, “(…) until he asked me, ‘What are your salary requirements?’”

The TikToker says $21 per hour seemed like a fair wage to offer for the work that would be expected of her. However, the Family Dollar recruiter said he could not offer an hourly wage that high, so she left.

“I just stood up and said, ‘Thank you for your time, and good luck finding someone who’s going to work for that little bit of money,’” she says.

Jayla’s video received over 120,000 views and sparked debate in the comments about workers’ wage expectations.

Several users questioned why the TikToker would expect that kind of wage from the company.

“Why would you expect 21 from family dollar though,” one user said.

“Why would (you) go to family dollar expecting $21 an hour lol. You playing games with them, I love it,” another user said.

“I get what you saying but it’s family dollar…. They ain’t got that type of bread,” a third user claimed.

However, the creator responded to the comment, arguing that the company makes more than enough money to pay its managers well. Family Dollar was acquired by Dollar Tree in 2014, a corporation with a $37 billion net worth and $26 billion annual revenue. “A $26 billion company can’t pay $21?” she said.

Others argued that the worker will have to either settle for less or gain a skill in order to be paid a higher wage. Yet, the creator noted in the comments that she holds a business degree.

“I agree with you but you’re never going to get that. You will eventually settle for less,” one user commented.

However, many TikTokers suggested that the company’s inability to pay fair wages is the reason many places are unable to find workers.

“And this is why all these stores still have hiring signs up,” one user said.

“Because there’s someone who can’t WAIT to pay you that and then some … we’re not working for pennies anymore,” another said.

A few users argued that workers refusing to accept jobs without fair wages can push corporations to increase pay rates.

“It’s going to take people to do what you done. In order for corporate America get the picture,” one user suggested.

“This is how we change the game. If multiple ppl show up for interviews and walk out after the wage isn’t good enough they would raise it,” another user noted.

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