Viral Video Exposing Hacks For 'Free Food' Delivery Sparks Controversy

In multiple video posts made by TikToker @icye03, the user promotes Discord links for chat rooms in which users share alleged discount codes and hacks for free food from food delivery services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats.

The claims of hacks sparked debate among viewers who were divided on the ethics of scamming delivery companies for free food.

“POV: you found a way to get free food,” @icye03 writes in a TikTok video with 86,000 views that shows a screen recording of a Discord server.

Discord, an instant messaging and content distribution platform, allows users to connect over topics they have in common. TikToker @icye03 has claimed that a chatroom on the platform that requires a special link for entry is a home base for sharing exclusive delivery service discount codes. Each of the five videos posted by @icye03 has dozens of comments from TikTok users asking for the updated Discord link.

However, the latest @icye03 Discord link shared has expired. Invitation links to Discord servers expire within 24 hours if the owner of the chat room doesn’t set a longer deadline.

Other TikTok users have commented on the ethics of scamming food delivery services out of payment.

“It’s a old method , pretty easy to get caught. Your giving them your address lmao,” user @42069l0l said.

“POV you scam bare minimum wage workers to get some free food,” TikToker Quique commented.

“A general rule of thumb for these type of things : if they are promoting it, it is a scam. if it worked they would want to keep it on the dl,” @rigadoons said.

“Y’all do anything but work,” @alphacurerice said.

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