Val Kilmer Tackles Throat Cancer Head-On, ‘Power Of Prayer' Contributed To His Recovery

Val Kilmer is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable celebrities. Best known as Lieutenant Tom “Iceman” Kazansky in the classic 80s film Top Gun and the Caped Crusader himself in 1995’s Batman Forever, Kilmer’s career has spanned decades. Despite being a famous movie star, Kilmer recently found himself in the news for an entirely different reason. Never one to reveal details of his personal life, Kilmer announced to fans news of his ongoing battle with throat cancer. The actor initially denied reports that he was ill, trying to keep his personal life separate from his public life and career. Kilmer first revealed his diagnosis in 2017 when he was well into his treatment.
Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Kilmer told of how hard his illness had been on his family. Having fought the disease for two years, Kilmer spoke with a deep rasp from a tracheostomy he has in his neck. Despite all the pain and the trouble he had speaking, Kilmer felt that it was important to tell his story to the media. By far, Kilmer wanted the world to know that he felt that his faith aided him in his recovery. Undergoing grueling chemotherapy, Kilmer turned to Jesus Christ to heal him through the worst parts of his disease. A devout Christian Scientist, Kilmer feels that prayer is as powerful today as it was in Biblical times.
In a Reddit AMA question and answer session, Kilmer elaborated on his statements from his interview in The Hollywood Reporter. Addressing fans directly, Kilmer thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers during his illness. When it came time to talk about his idea that prayer helped in his treatment, Kilmer said that while some might be dismissive of his faith, prayer has healed numerous people throughout the centuries. Likewise, Kilmer says that despite all the advances in modern medicine, many people still die even though they have the best care available at the most prestigious hospitals.
During his question and answer session, Kilmer also talked about his latest film, Top Gun 2, which will see him reunited with Tom Cruise. Scheduled for release in June of next year, Kilmer feels that the film will be a great success.

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