Tiktoker Spent Her Spring Break At A Highly Reviewed Hotel, Only To End Up Covered In Bedbug Bites

A spring break trip turned sour as a young woman woke up covered in alleged bedbug bites. Her humorous video about the situation has gone viral, reaching over 250,000 views.

Bedbugs are tiny parasites that “feed solely on the blood of people and animals while they sleep,” according to the CDC. They can be found on every continent and tend to live-in within 8 feet of where a person sleeps.

The CDC stresses they are not solely an indicator of dirty living spaces, instead they can live in “five-star hotels and resorts and their presence is not determined by the cleanliness of the living conditions where they are found.”

In the video, @tiktok.th0t._o shows off red marks up and down her arms and across her neck. Users were outraged and said she should seek monetary damages from the hotel.

One comment by @breedaisyyy that read, “you better sue” received over 1,400 likes.

There are ways to check for bedbugs if you happen to be staying at a hotel. Experts recommend first leaving your luggage on a rack or in the bathroom, to prevent any possible spread.

Bedbugs, their eggs, and exoskeletons are visible to the naked eye, according to consumer advocacy site Consumer Reports. A quick check through bedding, pillows, and under the mattress will let you know if there’s a possible infestation. Catching any signs early and requesting a new room will help stop an infection.

Many users offered other precautionary measures. “This is why I take all the sheets off and check the mattress and bring my own pillow and blankets,” wrote @cheesy_feet_rat.

The CDC says infections, though they are uncomfortable, “do not pose a serious medical threat.” There are creams and medications available to help.

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