Tiktoker Shares Alleged Differences In Merchandise After Dollar Tree Increased To $1.25

Following a company-wide increase from $1 to $1.25 per item, Dollar Tree has come under fire in a viral TikTok video for allegedly reducing the size of some products available in its stores.

In a video posted by @babyscribblez, which has garnered 422.5K views on the platform, the size and count of essential care products like razors and cotton swabs before and after the price increase are shown. Before the increase, razors were available in packages of five, and cotton swabs in packs of 300. After, razors are four to a package, and cotton swabs are available in packs of 200, reducing the amount of product by 20% and 33.33%, respectively.

When the chain announced in 2021 that it would raise its prices, it claimed that the increase would allow for greater quality and variety in its stores. However, commenters on the video shared that they had not seen any improvement in their local Dollar Tree locations.

“It’s so sad, I thought it was supposed to get us more and better quality with the increase,” the poster wrote. “Turns out it’s less in most cases.”

“Finding Walmart has become cheaper than the dollar store on lots of stuff,” one commenter wrote.

“The 25¢ increase genuinely killed it for me, not even the candy is worth anymore,” another commenter wrote.

“I deadass used to go there all the time but now I’ve been once in 6 months,” another commenter wrote. “Quality down and prices up = bye.”

Others shared different ways their experiences with Dollar Tree had declined in quality.

“What doesn’t make sense is them selling the hot wheels/matchbox cars for $1.25 and they’re .99 cents everywhere else,” another commenter wrote.

“The signs they had posted announcing the new prices all said that they were gonna offer more stuff and every time I go, I find less stuff,” another commenter wrote.

“The whole craft section is actually trash now,” a commenter wrote. “I went in for stickers and all that had was wall decals.”

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