Tiktoker Says Parents Are Selling Swimsuit Photos Of Minor Daughter Online

A TikToker says that the parents of two girls under 13 years old are selling photos of their daughters. One of the girls was allegedly photographed in a swimsuit.

Sarah (@mom.uncharted), who posts parenting and minor safety-focused content on TikTok, says in a video that a follower flagged a photo-selling website. The name of the website wasn’t immediately clear, but the TikToker says the site sells photo packages of a young girl and her friend for around $50 to $125.

“Who the f*ck do you think is purchasing photosets of two young girls for $125?” Sarah says in the TikTok, which on Monday had been viewed more than a million times. “Let it be known that these children are under the age of 13.”

Sarah also says that the website lists the girl’s exact dimensions and clothing sizes. She says that the parents in question are exploiting their child and “pimping” her out.

Sarah also posted a follow-up video about the situation and said that the parents of the girl’s friend also allegedly sell photos of their daughter, including photos that show her in a swimsuit.

“This child is confirmed at 11 years old,” Sarah says. “These parents know exactly who their audience is. It’s sick and it’s disturbing.”

Many commenters were appalled by the situation.

“How can a parent do this to their kids,” @elleisamom commented.

“My internal rage barometer..off the charts,” @kimberlypeace001 wrote.

“This should be illegal,” @aloranelson commented. “I’m in shock the parents think this is an acceptable thing to do!?”

Others brainstormed ways in which to intervene.

“Have you reported them to any authorities or appropriate helpline/charities?” @charlieelizabethg commented. “This can’t be left to continue.”

“Could this be against the [terms of service] of the site, the hosting company and/or the payment service provider?” @weaponofmansdestruction wrote.

“Can u find out what State they are in and report to CPS?” @lesbiannodudes commented.

As parents become more aware of the reach of social media and the internet, many have chosen to not post photos of their children online for fear that pedophiles will obtain photos of their children, or that their children will be put into databases for facial recognition technology.

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