Woman Admits She Went On 16 Dates In A Row Just For Free Food In Viral Video

A woman has sparked debate after revealing she once set up 16 dates in a row just so she could eat.

Most people will sympathise with money struggles when you're at university. You make the best with what you have: instant noodles most nights; rummaging through the reduced section for a smorgasbord of snacks; and eating 'meals' your parents would scoff at.

However, one TikToker's method of getting some food has been branded 'genius' by some viewers: she simply went on dates.

Earlier in March, McCall Brock (@mccall_brock) shared a short video on TikTok, with the text reading: "In college when I ran out of money for food I went on a dating app and for 16 days I had 16 dinner dates in a row… girl gotta eat."

The implications are obvious, but in the off chance you don't understand: she went on dates with the hope that the guys would pay for the meal, as some would still consider traditional.

She also wrote: "To clarify all these men asked me out on dates."

The video has amassed more than 1.6 million views and thousands of comments, with one writing: "No this is just called being a genius."

Another commented: "People do this even if they have money to feed themselves. So honestly… not that crazy lol."

A third wrote: "She was a business woman doing business." A fourth wrote: "Legit did this for two weeks once when all my money was stolen after payday. Doggy bags were my friend."
Some have described her dating method as 'genius'. Credit: Pexels
A fifth commented: "I did this for about 6 months in my mid 20s. Making sure I would reach in my purse to make it seem like I’m going to pull out my wallet."

Naturally, some people aren't convinced it's a particularly fair approach to dating.

"I never did this I feel like it’s using them especially if their feelings are getting involved. I worked two jobs in university," one user wrote.

Another wrote: "I sure do love using people quality pastime." A third commented: "It's okay for you to waste their time?" while a fourth commented: "I’ve heard other girls say they do this for free dinners. Makes you think why bother anymore."

Others have issued some advice to those trying to make ends meet while studying: work in hospitality.

One wrote: "Get a job at a restaurant work everyday and then you get money and free food trust me it works."

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