A Woman Gave Her Cousin $4,000 To Buy Designer Items For Her And Got Scammed

A TikToker has taken to the platform to share her story of being scammed by her cousin, who told her she had a hookup for designer goods at a discounted price.

Through a series of videos, TikToker @madimommy16 shared with her viewers how she was hoodwinked out of $4,000 by her cousin, who she says knowingly scammed her and some friends with fake designer bags, shoes, and belts.

It all starts with an initial video teasing the story, with @madimommy16 sharing the long and short of her story in an 11-second video that garnered 88.4K views.

“Gave my cousin $4,000 cus she said she had a designer plug,” a text overlay on the video reads. “Now I got a order of protection against me and Saks said it’s all fake.”

In a three-part storytime, @madimommy16 details how her cousin claimed she had access to genuine designer goods. The cousin reportedly said that if she and her interested friends would send her screenshots of what they wanted and paid upfront, she would get the items for them.

Between herself and her friends, @madimommy16 said her cousin scammed them out of a total of $10,000. She also said she is now pursuing damages against her cousin in an amount double what she owes her, in interest and emotional damage, for a total of $8,000.

@madimommy16 said she found out her items were fake because she attempted to exchange some of them at Saks Fifth Avenue, as some were an incorrect size, and she says employees there informed her of this. She also said that her cousin had let slip to her mother that she was aware the bags, shoes, belts and other goods were fake when she sold them to her.

The order of protection against her, @madimommy16 said, came when she and her friends persistently asked this cousin of hers for their money back.

“I got a whole order of protection against me because I asked somebody about my fucking money,” she says in one of the videos.

Commenters agreed that the woman was in the right to pursue the money. Others expressed shock that one of her family members would do such a thing.

“My mouth is on the floor!” one commenter wrote. “What the fuck (shaking my head), to your OWN family?”

“She giving me hater vibes cause it don’t make sense yeah whoop her cousin,” another commenter wrote.

“Damn she really came up off y’all that’s fucked up,” a commenter wrote.

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