TikToker Finds Abnormal Amount of Nails and Screws Right Outside of a Tire Shop in Viral Video

A TikToker’s video pointing out that they have noticed nails in the street near a local tire shop has garnered 2.8 million views on the platform.

In the video, @louieiv films himself cleaning up trash at a roadside, and shares an observation about what he’s seen while doing it.

“Recently I’ve noticed a disturbing trend,” a text overlay on the video reads. “Every morning I walk this road and pick up any debris. Lately, I found an abnormal amount of nails and screws.”

However, he said the amount of nails and screws in the street has grown over time.

“At first, I really didn’t think much of it. But, every day, there’s more and more of them. They almost seem to be spread around evenly with most kicked to the curb by traffic. I only find them on one section of road behind one store.”

The camera then pans over to a tire shop.

“Makes one wonder,” the last frame of text overlay reads.

Commenters shared their own stories of local tire shops spreading nails in busy streets to bring in more business.

“I live near a tire shop and they used to spread them around the area knowing everyone comes to them first since we are rural,” one commenter wrote.

“About three different tire shops in my town were busted doing this and were shut down,” another wrote.

“The tire shop by my house I know does this for a fact!!” a commenter wrote. “I’ve had four nails in my tires in three months! Their shop is two blocks away, only shop within miles.”

Others have unfortunately had to replace their own tires because of nails in the street.

“Bro (what the hell) there’s a tire shop near my house and just last week got a nail on my tire and I went in and the dude was all like wow u def need a new tire!” one commenter wrote.

“My tire has popped twice in two years and both times was literally in front of the tire store,” another commenter wrote.

“Yo, I think (you’re) right,” a commenter wrote. “My last car kept getting nails stuck in them. And it always happens when I drive by tire fix places.”

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