Tiktoker Allegedly Catches Her Doctor Looking Up How To Treat Her Cyst On Youtube

A doctor was allegedly caught looking up how to treat a patient’s cyst on YouTube.

“Got their MD at YouTube university,” TikToker @isi_lynott captioned a video that captured the moment.

In a comment, the TikToker assured that the post was made in good faith.

“For the last time I appreciate all doctors and nurses and understand that they are not walking encyclopedias this tiktok was just a JOKE!!” she said. “I’m glad she refreshed her memory and helped me the whole time! My friend and I were just laughing that this was happening in front of us.”

The video garnered over 4.5 million views and many comments assuring the TikToker that it is normal for healthcare workers to look things up and refresh their memories.

“This is actually what being a physician is. Having the knowledge to know what to look up and applying it in your practice,” one user said.

“I used to work in an ED as a scribe and almost all physicians look stuff up after talking to patients!!!” another said.

“Med student here! Doctors double check things all the time. There’s a LOT of information out there to refresh on,” a third user said.

Others noted that it’s better to have a doctor that double-checks their knowledge rather than one who believes they know everything.

“I’m a nurse and docs do this all the time. I promise you want this over the doc who thinks he knows it all but doesn’t,” one user said.

“I’d rather see this than see the face of a doctor who has no idea what he’s doing but works like he does,” another said.

However, a few users noted that some doctors have simply given them the exact same information they found online themselves.

“I asked the doctor how to take care of my gfs broken foot, he pretty much told me everything I read on google … word for word,” one user said.

“​​I knew this when the discharge papers would say the diagnosis and it was word for word as the internet,” another said.

Others joked about how expensive the visit would cost regardless.

“That would be 36281$ + YouTube premium fee,” one user said.

“And that’ll be $10k,” another said.

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