TikToker Confronts McDonald’s For Allegedly Withholding Her W-2

Tax season is a stressful time for any adult. It’s made especially hard when you don’t have everything you need to file. One TikToker was fed up with allegedly being pushed around by her old employer for not giving her her W-2. She filmed her interaction when she went to the store and demanded her tax documents.

In the video, the creator can be seen recording the inside of the McDonald’s she allegedly used to work at and asking the manager on duty to give her the W-2 she’s been asking for.

While this is going on, the text on the video reads, “I worked as a crew member, making minimum wage, training every new employee, and would have to run the entire front of the store by myself.” She writes that included bagging food, making drinks, taking orders inside and at the drive-thru window, and preparing the fries.

The manager in the video can be heard trying to send her away, but the creator demands she gets what she came for. She then can be heard saying she tried calling the number they gave her, but it was invalid.

This video is actually her second video on the matter and it was seen over 192,000 times. Her first video didn’t get as many views but it prompted people to call the store en masse in support of her.

She then recorded the rest of her interaction with the employees in two more videos.

The comments on the video suggested she call HR or take them to court, but she said in a storytime video about the situation that the store doesn’t do anything electronically (i.e. direct deposit), everything is done physically, which is why she’s been going to the store and asking directly. She said she tried to call the IRS, but “got nowhere with them.”

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