Tiktoker Says Ex-boyfriend Broke Into Her Home And Stole $13k While She Was On Vacation

In a viral video posted on Saturday, TikToker Chloe Belaire (@chloebelaire.lux) says that after he ended their relationship, her ex-boyfriend broke into her house and stole her new MacBook and $13,000 while she was in Puerto Rico.

In the video, Belaire is dancing to the trending song “Circus” by Color Clownies. “Don’t trust boys from NYC!!!” the caption says. “They don’t love you!!!”

The comment section shows confusion from other TikTok users about how Belaire found herself in this position.

“Girl… how did you find out?” TikToker @celery.stic commented.

Belaire responded, “He literally told me on the phone…..the cops are gonna love this.”

“How did he steal 13k? u just had 13 bands in cash laying around?” @nancemilesalicea asked, to which Belaire replied that she’s a dancer.

In a later video posted on the same day, Belaire is singing into the camera as the words “got broken up with while I’m in Puerto Rico so I find a group of 14 men having a bachelor party at the hotel pool” are on screen.

In additional comments to other users on the original video, which on Monday had over 19,5000 views, Belaire said she will be pressing charges against her ex.

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