Tiktoker Blasts Chipotle For Allegedly Not Giving Him A Water Cup

A Chipotle in Chicago came under fire after a TikToker said he was refused a water cup earlier in the week. Seeking revenge, the TikToker gave out the restaurant’s bathroom code, and encouraged viewers to descend upon the location.

The video, which was posted by Daniel Waterhouse (@liluzicrabgrass) and has over 8.6 million views, shows Waterhouse standing outside the Chipotle in downtown, where he claims he was denied a water cup.

“OK, so since the Chipotle on Grand and State didn’t want to give me a water cup, just know that their bathroom code is 2580. Go crazy, [overdose] in that shit. I don’t give a fuck,” Waterhouse says in the video.

“I’m thirsty. And I stole your hot sauce,” he says as he holds up a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Waterhouse captioned the video: “Water is life. How are you gonna deny me life Chipotle??”

When speaking with the Daily Dot, Waterhouse clarified what went down. “There was a sign saying they were out of water cups and they were sorry. I asked anyways, and they said they were out,” Waterhouse told the Daily Dot.

He also said “all the employees there seemed super nice.”

Viewers were nevertheless furious that the Chipotle location allegedly denied Waterhouse free water.

“That is CRAZY they wont give you water,” one user said.

“I thought it was illegal to deny anyone water?” another asked.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, commonly referred to as Chipotle, is a fast-casual Mexican food chain with over 3,000 locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, according to its website. Although it’s reportedly not illegal for a restaurant in the U.S. to deny guests of free water, it is unusual. Chipotle did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment inquiring about Waterhouse’s experience.

“As far as I know, Chipotle has not made any effort to reach out to me,” Waterhouse told . “I try not to read a lot of the comments. Most of them seem to be really supportive though.”

One user claimed that people swarmed the location seeking retribution. “There’s a line for the bathroom now. It’s wrapped around grand,” they said.

Waterhouse told, he wasn’t sure how many of his supporters ended up showing up to the location. One user posted a video of themselves outside of the location, captioned “I got your back king.”

In a follow-up video, Waterhouse explains he did not think the video would blow up like it did.

“It was certainly never my intention to send an army of people to destroy a bathroom just because I didn’t get a single cup of water. But it is now,” Waterhouse tells his followers.

“Welcome to the revolution dweebs,” he added in the caption.

Another follow-up video shows Waterhouse laughing as he features a series of one-star Google reviews for the location. The Daily Dot could not independently verify these reviews as the latest one-star review appears to be from two weeks ago.

Viewers continue to encourage Waterhouse in the comments sections of his follow-up videos.

“King behavior!!! Dismantle the establishment,” one user praised.

“Let’s not down play your water cup villain origin story,” another joked.

Waterhouse told the Daily Dot he wants to direct people to support the charity linked in his profile, the Thirst Project, a nonprofit organization that raises funds to build wells and combat global water insecurity.

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