Tiktok Debate Sparks After Customer Charged For Ordering 'No Ice'

A TikToker’s video putting a coffee shop on blast for charging $1 to make beverages without ice has garnered 313,000 views on TikTok, and commenters are discussing the possible reasons why.

“Saw this yesterday… am I being punked?” the video’s caption questions.

In the video, @breakfastat_tiffanys__ zooms in on a menu board showing the price for a beverage to be made excluding ice. The TikToker appears to be in the drive-thru at a Gravity Coffee Seattle location.

“So you’re going to charge me $1 for no ice… what?” the woman says in the video.

Some commenters posited that it was due to the increased amount of liquid needed to fill an iceless cup.

“Makes sense because you’re getting more product,” one commenter wrote.

“No ice means they use more ingredients to make more of the drink to replace the space the ice normally takes up,” another commenter wrote.

“It’s because you’re getting more product,” a third said. “So. Yeah. $1 seems pretty understandable.”

Others found the price increase to be unnecessary.

“All the people in these comments giving excuses,” a commenter wrote. “This is called ripping people off plain and simple.”

“For everyone saying more product, is scammed on a regular,” another wrote. “Next time you get a 20 oz drink with ice- go home and measure it.”

“I think everyone is missing the point,” a commenter wrote. “She’s not asking for the drink to be filled up to make up for the space. Just leave the gap. Why is that $1?”

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