Woman Says Uber Driver Tried To Kidnap Her And That She Had To Choke Him To Survive

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing a video of her Uber driver allegedly trying to kidnap her.

In the video, user @1realminko screams at the driver and repeatedly asks to be taken home.

“The Time my Uber driver tried to kidnap me,” she wrote in the TikTok’s overlay text.

“I wanna go fucking home, do you not understand, take me the fuck home,” she screams in the video. The TikToker added more context in the caption while urging viewers to be careful.

“I noticed 5 minutes into the ride the driver cut his gps off and put his phone in his pocket so i had to choke him while he was driving until we reached my destination then i maced him!!” she alleged in the caption.

The creator posted the video to the platform on April 7. It currently has approximately 3,000,000 views.

Thousands of people commented on the video, and many of them found the woman’s TikTok amusing.

“I’m sorry this shit was funny af,” a comment with 11,000 likes read. “It’s not funny but it’s funny,” another viewer wrote.

Many others agreed they couldn’t help but laugh at the TikToker’s reaction, but other viewers understood it for the serious situation it was.

“Why is everyone joking?? This is so traumatizing for you,” someone commented.

“not yall laughing while she’s getting kidnapped,” another viewer responded.

“y’all are talking ab “this is funny” when it’s really not. to even say or think that is so dehumanizing,” a user wrote.

Several other comments pointed out that the situation was no laughing matter and even shared their own sketchy experiences with Uber drivers.

A particular viewer shared that Uber does in fact have an emergency button for situations like these. There’s a shield icon within the app that allows passengers to call 911 directly from the app. The ride-sharing app first launched the feature in 2018 where riders and drivers can access the safety toolkit by tapping the icon. If the rider chooses to call 911, the emergency dispatchers will be able to see details like the GPS location, car make and model, and license plate.

While it is unclear whether the TikToker chose to use the safety toolkit, it appears she is now safe and sound. She uploaded a follow-up video wherein she addresses the comments making light of her situation. Apparently, some viewers made a sound out of the video where she was in clear distress.

“Why would y’all sit up here and make me a sound when this is supposed to be a serious matter,” she says in the video. “‘Because I already got the comments attacking me and let alone y’all made it a sound.”

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