Tattoo Artist Mocks Customer’s Feminine Odor In Viral Video, Sparking Debate

In a viral TikTok video, a tattoo artists mocks customers who allegedly don’t shower before getting tattoos near the crotch area, sparking debate in the comments.

“Tattoo tips: Make sure to shower before,” the text overlay reads.

The user, @juan_onjuann, tattoos a woman near her crotch while gagging. He clarified in the caption that the video was a joke but was “based on a true story.”

“Smelling like Bikini bottom,” he captioned the video.

With over 7.2 million views, the TikTok sparked debate about the tattoo artist’s comment.

Many users said that his comment was inappropriate and unprofessional.

“Super unprofessional,” one user said.

“Her fault it doesn’t smell like peaches and strawberries? like what, unprofessional,” another said.

However, the video led some users to share their own jokes and show support for the artist, while others questioned why so many women were upset in the comments.

“Props for the stuff you guys have to deal with all the time!” one user said.

“Why the girls so pressed,” another said.

In response, several users noted that vaginas have a natural scent that showering will not alter.

“No matter how much someone showers and cleans themselves well, it’ll still have that natural smell. It’s part of being human,” one user said.

“It’s an organ babe it’s not gonna smell like your fav candle <3"

Others argued that the tattoo artist’s post could make women self-conscious about their bodies.

“(I know) this is a joke but it’s not funny making people more paranoid about their bodies and what they have,” one user said.

“Sometimes it has nothing to do with showering or not … the slightest change can affect the odors in that area and a woman should not have to feel bad about it,” another said.

“Talking me out of getting a tattoo there real quick so that’s cool…,” a third user said.

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