Suspected tornado damages veteran’s home the same day he took his wife off life support

For the past several days, severe weather has swept through the southern United States leaving a path of destruction behind. As of Wednesday at least two fatalities have been confirmed and many others have been left injured.
Meanwhile, as officials begin their assessments to determine where exactly the tornadoes struck, residents have begun mourning their losses while also remaining thankful for their survival all while cleaning up the mess that was left behind.

Frank Senn believes his property in Elmore County, Alabama took a direct hit.

“The way the trees are twisted, it had to be either a small or a medium-sized tornado,” he told WSFA. “It cut a path through the woods.”

But damage to his property, which dates back to 1944 wasn’t the worst of his worries on Tuesday. Prior to arriving back at home Senn, a retired veteran, was at a hospital in Birmingham with his wife Glenda of 40 years where the decision had been made to take her off life support.
“The doctor came in today and said there was nothing else they could do and took her off of life support,” Senn said.

‘My world is gone.’

Two weeks ago Glenda fell down a set of stairs and broke her neck. The fall severed her spinal cord.

He had spent several days with his wife at the hospital until the doctors told him there was nothing else they could do for her. The decision was made to take her off life support.

“They are going to put her in a room until she passes away,” he said. “They are going to keep her comfortable.”

Despite the destruction at home, Senn said his biggest concern is his wife.
Less than 24 hours after the storm passed through, Senn’s community rallied around him and began cleaning up his property.

“The love and outpouring of support that’s come out to help my father and our ranch farm has been amazing,” Jon Senn, Frank’s son, said.

While church members, neighbors, and local businesses were at Senn’s property working to remove the debris, Senn was able to be by his wife’s side at the hospital.

“He was going to come down here and look, but he had to get up there with my mama.”

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