Student Suspended For ‘promoting His Business’ At School, Sparking Debate

A high student on TikTok has gone viral after claiming they were suspended for running a business on school property.

The business, called Unrivalled, is an online shoelace shop.

In a TikTok documenting their suspension, the business owner claimed that they did not operate on school grounds, instead opting to sell their wares on their website.

Regardless of the fact that they were not physically selling the laces on school grounds, the TikToker claims their principal suspended them for four days due to the TikToks marketing the business taken on school grounds.

@unrivalledshop’s TikTok documenting the suspension has over 385,000 views as of Tuesday.

The business owner also posted another TikTok with a scan of the original suspension slip, which is supposed to be given to parents.

According to the note, the reason given for the suspension was “owning and operating a business on school grounds.” In a section labeled “Your son/daughter’s explanation/response was as follows,” user @unrivalledshop allegedly responded, “say hello to TikTok.”

In comments, users chided the school for not supporting @unrivalledshop’s business endeavor.

“This is a sign that they don’t want kids to break the system and starting a [business],” wrote one user.

“School is to make you a good employee not money,” added another.

TikTokers beyond their high school years jumped in to agree.

“Back in my day that would have been called a Junior Achievement project, probably would have won an award!” exclaimed a commenter.

“Having businesses at school should be encouraged,” said another. “They teach kids more skills than anything else.”

However, some said that @unrivalledshop was mischaracterizing their suspension, saying that they were suspended for recording on campus, not for the nature of their business.

“U broke the rules by filming on school grounds not because of ur business,” stated a commenter.

Even if this was the case, however, some still see that as an issue. As one TikToker asked, “So you got… suspended for recording — ain’t this a violation of the first amendment?”

Furthermore, as another user stated, “I bet other people make tiktoks at your school all the time.”

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