Starbucks Workers Roast Customers Who Ask For Pastries Warmed Up

A group of Starbucks workers have a message—if they don’t offer you the ability to warm up your pastry, it’s probably because they can’t.

According to a recently-viral video from TikToker Antonio (@boredantonio), if you ask for your pastry warmed up, you might get roasted by employees. The video currently has over 77,000 views.

The video shows an employee preparing a pastry order, backed by the sound of an audience cheering. But when the customer asks for the pastry to be heated up, the crowd boos, and employees turn away in disgust.

In comments, Antonio clarifies that, while their location usually has a heating device, it’s “just in the shop getting fixed.”

Commenters were quick to start a debate about the topic. TikTokers rapidly divided themselves by their preference for hot or cold pastries.

“I’m a demon and I like a cold chocolate croissant,” wrote one user sarcastically. Another retorted, “THEYRE BETTER THAT WAY.”

“U cant get a cold cookie that would ruin it,” claimed another. However, this also sparked backlash, with one commenter writing, “Cold cookies are better than warmed cookies at Starbucks.”

Some alleged Starbucks employees claimed in comments that, while some pastries may be better warm, others suffer in the oven.

“Me when someone orders a lemon loaf [because] I know i’m going through at least two since they seem to disintegrate every time i pull one out,” claimed a TikToker. Other alleged employees agreed. “I [be] giving them halfway broken, almost,” a commenter said. “[I] just hope they don’t see it until they get home.”

But while some TikTokers seemed to have their hot vs. cold preferences set in stone, many were content to go with the flow.

As one user wrote, “I never ask for my stuff to be warmed up—they always just do it.”

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