Starbucks Worker Shares How They Embarrass Their ‘Least Favorite Regular’

An apparent Starbucks worker shared on TikTok how they embarrass their “least favorite regular” customer.

The TikToker (@notlikeothergurlz) says “umm and what is that” when the customer comes in and asks for “the usual.” As of Saturday, the TikTok video went viral, with about 100,000 views. In the video, the TikToker is in a Starbucks location, in uniform.

“like yea i do know what it is but i hate u so feel silly and embarrassed,” the TikToker wrote in the video’s caption.

Judging by the comments on the video, the TikToker isn’t the only Starbucks barista who has a “least favorite regular.”

“LMAO one time this lady goes ‘the regular’ and i’m like ‘um sorry not sure what you mean’ and she’s like ‘you know me right’ and i’m like ‘yes,'” one viewer commented on the video.

“‘and ur name for the order?'” another viewer commented, sharing their trick for dealing with regulars.

“humbling & embarrassing customers is my #1 passion (heart emoji) just girly things,” one user wrote.

Other viewers said they would feel embarrassed even ordering “the usual.”

“I would feel so embarrassed saying ‘just the usual’ lmfao like it’s embarrassing lowkey,” one user said.

Another user wrote, “even if i know they know my order, i will nEver say ‘the usual’ i have zero confidence.”

Some baristas chimed in, saying they can’t be expected to remember every regular’s order.

“i do not have the brain power to keep track of regulars and their orders unless we’ve had like a meaningful conversation or something,” one barista commented.

“no bc i genuinely forget what they order and they get confused as to why i haven’t memorised their order,” one user wrote.

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