Goodwill Shopper Spots Cute Vase, Looks Inside and Finds Out It’s Not a Vase

A Goodwill shopper claims she found something unexpected on a recent trip to the secondhand store.

While looking at a ginger jar, TikTok user Macy removed the top to look inside. Within the ginger jar, she claims to have discovered something disturbing: ashes.

Macy posted the video to TikTok, where it has accumulated over 525,000 views.

In comments, Macy explained the full story.

“It’s a ginger jar that still had a stein mart sticker on it. Technically it’s not an ‘urn’… which is why I wanted it to begin with,” she detailed. “​​I collect ginger jars and don’t usually see ashes in them.”

When commenters said that they were “pretty sure” selling an urn is illegal, Macy says that she informed staff and they promptly resolved the issue.

“I made them aware,” Macy says about the staff. “They took it off the shelf.”

She later clarified that she did not purchase the item.

Commenters took this story as an opportunity to crack a few jokes.

“If you have me cremated and I end up in a Goodwill, I’ll haunt your ass,” one user joked.

“When that person was young they told them that they were worth more then the world and now they be selling them for 3.99,” another added.

However, some were gripped by the sadness of the situation.

“This is so sad,” one TikToker commented.

“Random but i believe there’s some people that you can send unnamed ashes to & they’ll bless them & disperse them for you,” another stated.

This led others to explain what they would do in Macy’s situation.

“I would go sprinkle the ashes somewhere nice,” a user wrote. “and then keep the jar.”

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