Server Says Customers Who Came In After Church Left Her A Scripture Instead Of Tip

In a viral TikTok video, a server calls out customers who come in to eat after church on Sundays, some of which would leave a scripture instead of a tip.

A video from user @jenmich416 argues that “Sunday morning after church” customers are the most difficult, and it was stitched by other service workers sharing their experiences. In a video shared April 16, user @punkfrances drops her own complaints about these customers.

She says their restaurant didn’t open until 11am on Sunday, but customers would stand outside and complain about not being let inside before opening. “They would just stand there and be like, ‘Why can’t you let us in?’ Cause we’re not open,” she says.

The server also says these customers tend to come in with large parties and messy kids who throw rice, chips, and queso everywhere. She says some post-church diners don’t even give her a tip, rather, they give her a scripture.

“It’s like a fake $100 bill that has a scripture on it that says, ‘This is better than any monetary tip you would receive,’” she says. “And then, they’d go about their day. Then they’d come back next week, and do it all over again.”

Her video received over 2.9 million views, and many users were shocked at the customers’ behavior.

“That bill thing is sooo messed up,” one user said.

“Scripture don’t pay the bills,” another said.

A few users pointed out that Christians often give donations to their churches.

“If that’s better than a monetary tip why do they give money to church … bc people need money!” one user said.

“They don’t mind being forced to “tip” their church, but think it’s okay not to tip someone serving them,” another said.

A few users shared how they avoided or dealt with these customers.

“I worked at a family owned cafe across from a mega church and (the) owner decided to close on Sunday’s because the church crowds were so awful to us,” one user said.

“My coworkers and I got pens from Amazon that said ‘Jesus tips 20 percent’ for the church crowds,” another said.

However, one user said that their pastor included his experience working in the service industry in his sermon to discourage disrespectful behavior. “I had a pastor that worked food service and retail during his school years and once a year would preach this into a sermon,” they said.

“Love that! I strongly believe everyone should have to work (in) food service or retail at least once in their life,” the TikToker responded.

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