TikToker Sparks Debate After Refusing To Help 'Karen' Neighbor Whose Car Is On Fire In Viral Video

In a series of viral videos, a TikToker shares the story behind her neighbor’s burning car and why she didn’t choose to help.

TikToker Cindy Liefer (@cindyliefer) uploaded a video of her neighbor’s car burning to the platform, gaining 1.2 million views in just a week.

“Nah, we ain’t helping,” Liefer says in the first video posted on March 23. In it, she films what seems to be a Porsche Cayenne on fire. The car is in the middle of the street, with no person inside. “Having a Karen next door and she doesn’t know how to maintain a car. Karma comes back!” she added in the caption. Liefer clarified in the comments section that someone was able to contact 911 before she began recording the burning car.

In a follow-up video, Liefer replies to a comment suggesting they pull out chairs and enjoy the moment with “when you don’t give 2 F’s anymore.” In the video, she sits on her front lawn watching the debacle unfold while firefighters put out the fire. Liefer then flips the camera to show someone else behind her casually cutting potatoes.

But not all commenters were on Liefer’s side or thought the situation was amusing. Many argued in the comments the creator was just as bad as the alleged “Karen” for sitting back and not helping when the dangerous situation arose.

“Nah, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” a top comment read.

“Don’t be negative just because she is. Keep your character and be a good person. Life goes around in a big circle,” another user wrote.

“Okay but why?” another user replied. “Why does everyone think meeting rudeness with kindness is the solution when it NEVER solves problems.”

In a “storytime” video posted two days later, Liefer addresses those accusing her of being an “evil person” for not helping. She also adds more context to the purported feud.

“I’m not obligated to help her even after she has been practically a bitch to us every time,” Liefer starts in the video. “We have been nothing but nice to her, and all she does is run her mouth.”

The TikToker relays the situation that led up to the moment the car burst into flames. She claims the dispute began when the “Karen’s” dog got into Liefer’s yard, despite being leashed, and wreaked havoc, allegedly almost harming Liefer’s daughter in the process. Liefer says she pleaded with her neighbor to correct the mess or do something about the dog, but the neighbor allegedly refused. That’s when the “Karen” began “running her mouth,” Liefer says. After the altercation, she says the neighbor left the premises before returning five minutes later. That’s when the car started smoking, leading the neighbor to bang on her neighbors’ doors asking for help, Liefer continues.

Some neighbors allegedly joined in to help push the car before it caught on fire, but Liefer says she simply pulled her chair outside to sit and laugh.

“You wanna talk so much shit, and then you expect people to fucking help you,” she says in the storytime video. “No, let your car fucking burn, and I’m gonna laugh about it.”

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