‘Polo G’s Music Is Not That Good For Him To Be Doing This’: Rapper Stops L.a. Traffic For Video Shoot

Rapper Polo G is coming under fire on social media after a video of one of his music video shoots went viral. The reason? Polo G appears to be stopping Los Angeles traffic to shoot, resulting in a significant backup of traffic.

A video of the event was first shared three days ago on TikTok by RichoffExotics (@vem.zayy), a group that rents out luxury cars in Los Angeles. The video quickly garnered over 4.2 million views and sparked considerable discussion and debate.

“When polo g rented all our hell cats and stopped up LA traffic,” reads the text overlaying the video.

The video was later shared by Twitter user @OvOBrezzzy.

“Polo G music is not that good for him to be doing this,” writes @OvOBrezzzy in the video’s caption.

Across social media, users roasted Polo G for blocking traffic for a video shoot.

“imagine trying to expIain to your manager that your 2 hours Iate because PoIo G heId up traffic,” wrote Twitter user @Jari2Fly.

“imagine you fighting for your life in an ambulance and see traffic stopped cause of a music video,” added user @Noku_lol.

Users on TikTok felt similarly.

“Bruh if I was late to work we throwing hands,” wrote one user.

“Bro disrupting the economy,” added another.

“Dude tbh I would’ve just driven thru, this is the douchiest thing someone can do,” stated a third. “Ppl have places they need to be.”

Many questioned how this was legal. RichoffExotics claims they did not know.

“idk how he pulled it off we just provided the car,” wrote the group in a comment. However, the shoot does seem sanctioned by the city, as police appear to be guiding traffic.

Some took the opposing position, saying that they would simply enjoy the show.

“They pretty much got a free concert,” wrote a user. “They should be grateful.”

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