Pinterest Worker Says She Was ‘Mobbed’ At Her Job In Viral Video

A former employee of Pinterest has gone viral after claiming the famously “nice” workplace isn’t so nice after all.

In a video posted to TikTok, user Shelby (@shelbarlow) says that while working at Pinterest she was frequently subjected to “mobbing.”

As explained by Chron, “mobbing” involves “groups of people targeting a coworker for isolation, humiliation, and aggression.”

Shelby says that frequent mobbing, and her reports of mobbing to her higher-ups, went ignored, leading her to leave the job. Her video has received more than 127,000 views as of press time.

“In my case, my direct manager at Pinterest… was the ringleader of the mob against me,” Shelby says in the video. About mobbing, she adds, “Unfortunately, the vast majority of the time, going to HR will just make things worse… I encourage everyone to read up about [mobbing], because I had never heard about it until it happened to me.”

This is one of many videos Shelby has made about her time at Pinterest. Other videos detail the extent of the mobbing.

“My female manager made it her mission to destroy me,” Shelby recalls.

In the comments under her video on mobbing, users contributed their thoughts on the topic.

“It’s just adult bullying, plain and simple,” wrote one user. “HR is run by PEOPLE who want to fit in at the workplace like everyone else. They are never helpful!”

“Introverts are targeted,” claimed another.

Others chimed in to tell their own tales of workplace mobbing.

“I walked out of [an] extremely high paying consulting job after a month because this began to happen,” remembered a TikToker. “I didn’t know the term for it but [now] I do.”

“I experienced this at my last company,” a further user added. “I’ll NEVER work for a small business ever again because of mobbing.”

Some posted theories as to why this might happen.

“It’s so you quit without qualifying for benefits,” speculated one user.

“It usually happens when you’re new and good at your job,” theorized another. “They see new talent as a threat!”

Many offered tips on what to do if you suspect you’re being mobbed in the workplace.

“Document everything! Keep a journal with dates, times and any interaction. Be specific in your entries,” wrote a commenter. “Arbitrations and Civil suits will benefit you.”

“DONT QUIT!” contributed another. “Get fired and get unemployment!”

Above all, many are happy Shelby got out of what seemed like a bad situation.

“I’m so sorry this happened,” one user commented.

In response, Shelby wrote, “u don’t owe me an apology but thank u… i hope telling my story will save someone else from making the same mistake.”

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