Nanny Says Family She Works For Won’t Let Her Eat Their Food In Viral Video

In a viral TikTok video, a nanny claims that the family she worked for told her she couldn’t their food, and many users in the comments encouraged her to quit.

“POV: When the family you nanny for doesn’t let you eat their food so you bring the most random shit,” the text overlay reads.

The user @braonain1 showed all of the food she brought to feed herself for a full day, including a can of soup, a variety of fruits, pretzels, protein chips, and a bagel. However, she notes that the family allows her water and coffee.

“Yeah don’t ask about my food choices.. first time having a family tell me I can’t eat there food but it’s all good 🤣,” she captioned the video.

The video garnered over 1.6 million views, and many users in the comments encouraged the nanny to quit the job.

“Nah. they can look after there own kids. bye 👋,” one user said.

“That’s odd, I’d quit. Especially if they are successful,” said another.

Others noted their positive nannying experiences where families have bought food specifically for them.

“When I was a nanny, the mom would bring me to Costco with her and the kids and tell me to grab ANYTHING I wanted. Her kids also did the same,” one user said.

“Any family I’ve worked for specifically asked me what kind of foods I liked, so they could keep the fridge stocked with options for me🥺,” said another.

One user warned that the family not allowing her to eat their food was a sign that they may mistreat her. “I feel like this is a 🚩 on how they might treat you in the future,” they said.

Another shared their own horror story from working with a family that did not allow her to eat their food. “I forgot my lunch bag during a 12 hour shift and dad boss said ‘you can have ONE granola bar’ and followed up with ‘I check the garbage’ 🥴,” they said.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker says she quit the job just two days after sharing the video, and she found a new job already. She also shared another video encouraging those who employ nannies to allow them to eat their food and treat them well.

“We have to deal with a lot. There is such a high turnover for nannies quitting, and this is just one reason why, because you’re making them feel uncomfortable,” she says.

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