Mom Cries When A Man On Flight Mocks Her Via Text Until Hero Passenger Puts Him In His Place

A mother named Savannah Philips boarded a United flight that was flying from Oklahoma to Chicago, not knowing that she was about to be part of a story that would go viral. She was completely unprepared for what would happen to her on this particular flight.
As Savannah settled herself in her seat she glanced towards the aisle and then back to the man that was sitting next to her, texting on his phone. Savannah was able to read exactly what he had written on the brightly-lit phone screen. The text he had sent was to his wife, telling her that he was sitting next to a “smelly fatty.”

Savannah realized immediately that the man meant her. She stated that she usually dreads having to sit next to other people on airplanes. She never wants to be the source of another person’s discomfort.
Savannah did not want to cause a scene on the flight. Instead, she cried silently and tried to quietly wipe away her tears. She even said that she decided she would pray for the man who had texted the horrible words.

However, Savannah was not the only person on the flight who had caught a glimpse of the horrible text. Chase Irwin was sitting across from her on the aisle seat and saw Savannah reading the text. He also saw that she was quietly wiping away her tears. He stated that he immediately felt sick and could not believe that he was witnessing such cruelty from another person.
Chase decided that he couldn’t just sit there while Savannah cried next to such a disgusting man. He stood up and told the man to change seats with him. When he complied, he sat next to Savannah and asked her if she had read what he wrote. When she admitted that she had, Chase told her not to worry about it.

Savannah said that for the rest of the flight the two made small talk. She was amazed at the lengths he went to make a stranger feel better about herself. She typed out the story on her Facebook page in the hopes others would step in when they saw another person being bullied or mistreated.

To hear Savannah talk about the amazing encounter, click on the video below:

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