Mcdonald’s Customer Takes Forever To Grab Drinks From Worker In Drive-thru, Sparking Debate Over Viral Video

A “hangry” TikToker recorded a “rude” driver in a McDonald’s drive-thru line who didn’t immediately take the drinks from an employee’s hands, leaving the employee literally hanging for several seconds. Some viewers agreed that the customer was rude for taking so long—while others said the employee should’ve just set the drinks down.

In the video, the creator records the employee sticking their hand out the window with a drink carrier containing cups of coffee. They yell at the person in the car in front of them, “Take the fucking drink carrier, [the employee] has had her hand out there so fucking long!”

The video continues for another 20 seconds until the customer finally takes the drink and drives off with them. “I’m hangry [hungry and angry], and rude people shouldn’t be allowed to order,” the video caption says.

The video received over 44,000 views by Tuesday, and commenters argued about who was right and who was wrong in the scenario.

“When I would work window and they be slow like that I used to put the stuff down and make them wait on me when their hands are reaching out,” one person commented. The creator agreed with this tactic and commented, “YES I love it!”

Another user commented, “I don’t understand why people hold things out and just wait when the other person clearly isn’t ready to take it. Use some sense.” One TikToker added, “I mean that’s the girl fault why she leaving it out I would’ve closed the door.”

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