Man Orders Just Sonic Chili From Drive-thru, Sparking Debate In Viral Video

A viral TikTok video shows a man ordering just chili from a Sonic drive-thru, seemingly confusing the cashier. The video was posted by TikToker Dana Phillips (@danaphillips0), who was a passenger in the man’s car.

“When you want sonic chili but they don’t know how to ring it up,” Phillips wrote in the video’s on-screen caption. The video went viral, and by Monday it had over 2.6 million views.

In the video, the man leaned out of his car window to make the request. He explained that Sonic’s chili-cheese dogs are “really good” because of the chili that the company uses. He said it’s better than any chili he can buy at a store.

“Y’all’s chili is better, so can I buy like a large Sonic cup of chili and whatever cheese y’all use—I want a cup of that too,” the man said to the cashier.

The cashier’s response was a slow “OK.” She asked the customer to wait for a second, sounding unsure.

The man explained that he was planning to go home and make hot dogs and that he wanted to use the chili with them.

Viewers joked about the cashier’s response. When the man said he was going home, the cashier said, “Yeah,” slowly and drawn out.

Some viewers said she just seemed confused about how to ring up the man’s order.

“She was definitely panicking wondering how to ring it up,” one TikToker wrote.

Other viewers said the man could have simplified how he ordered the chili without giving the whole backstory.

“Dude, could’ve ordered that without the theatrics.. Definitely not the first time someone ordered just the chili,” one viewer commented.

Another viewer said, “He could have simply said I want a cup of chili.”

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