Woman Puts Man On Blast For Trying To Get Her Friend’s Number, Saying His Girlfriend Doesn’t Need To Know

In a now-viral video, a TikToker puts a man on blast after she claims he said his girlfriend wouldn’t care that he was trying to get her friend’s number.

In the video posted March 20, Jade (@grossomatic) shows a man talking to her friend on a street after a night out and tells him that she is going to put him on TikTok becauase he allegedly revealed that he has a girlfriend.

“TikTok, if this is your boyfriend, he’s trying to get her number,” Jade says in the clip. “He says his girlfriend won’t care, his girlfriend won’t be mad, his girlfriend doesn’t have to know. If this is your man, TikTok…” Then the clip cuts off.

The clip is captioned “#findhisgirlfriend,” and had over 484,000 views by Wednesday. Commenters were trying to put together clues to help find the man’s girlfriend.

“Where was this so we can narrow down the search babe. This is critical information and we need it ASAP,” one user wrote.

“BOOST: where were you guys and at what time and what city?” another said.

While Jade didn’t include the location, several commenters said that they recognized the street as one in Portland, Oregon.

Other commenters defended Jade’s decision to post the man’s face on TikTok, saying that the girlfriend “deserves better.”

“I love girls who defend girls,” one commenter said.

“She’s doing god’s work fr [for real]. We love her,” another wrote.

“Need more girls like you in this world!” a third said.

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