Woman Kicks Sand In Man's Face After Spotting Him Sitting 10ft Away On Empty Beach

A TikToker’s video showing herself annoying another beachgoer for parking himself allegedly too close to her on an empty beach has divided viewers over her actions.

In the video that has garnered 3.3 million views, a man lays his towel around 15 feet behind , who had been taking a nap. In her comment section, she elaborates that when she woke up from her nap, she could see him watching her.

“When an old man parks himself 10 feet in front of (your) towel on a completely empty beach while (you’re) napping and you know what needs to be done,” a text overlay on the video reads.

In retaliation, the young woman sets her phone down and films as she takes off running for the water, kicking sand at him in the process. The sand appears to wake him up. Her recording shows him watching her as she runs toward the water. The video cuts to footage of him walking away with his towel.

Some commenters found it strange that the man had placed himself so close to the poster when the beach was clearly empty.

“This is like when you’re the only person on the 500 treadmills at the gym and someone gets on the one right next to you,” one commenter wrote.

“So common sense is to sit right next to someone on a completely empty beach?” another commenter wrote. “Got it.”

“He is so close and there is so much room,” a commenter wrote.

Many commenters felt that her actions were a bit on the extreme, and that if she was so uncomfortable, she should have moved herself instead of making him leave.

“Or you could’ve just moved… I don’t think ya own the beach,” one commenter wrote.

“Why do all girls think they are the center of attention,” another wrote.

“The beach is not yours… there is space,” a commenter wrote. “He has a right to put his towel there.”

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