Woman Slams Hinge Match Who Only Talked About Himself In Viral Video

A viral TikTok shows a woman laying a “savage burn” on her Hinge match for not asking her any questions in their week-long conversation.

“The best thing has just happened to me,” Kyra (@itskyra.notkyra) says in the clip that was posted on Wednesday. “I’ve been chatting with this guy for almost a week since last Sunday and I have not been asked a single thing.”

“I have asked every question,” Kyra continues. “He has given me answers and no more. I have carried the whole thing by myself.

“If you pause the conversation at any point, you can tell I’m asking questions,” she says. “I’m keeping it going. He’s giving me nothing in response.”

She shows screenshots of the conversation, which includes her asking the user questions like, “Where else have you travelled?” He replies, “Hmmm about it couple places in the states like Vegas and la. But that’s about it.” He doesn’t ask her anything, and Kyra responds, “Oh nice, see any big artists in Vegas?” He answered and left the conversation hanging until she asked about Halloween.

“After three days of this, this popped into my mind, like you know what, you get maybe one chance to pull this off,” Kyra says in the clip. “I just absolutely had to hit him with this and I’m telling you, it felt so good to type this out. I was way too excited.”

She wrote him a message that said, “Might have to a book a physio appointment for this weekend. My knees are wrecked after this week.”

He finally asked, “Oh no, what happened with your knees?”

“They’re just mangled after carrying this entire conversation by myself,” Kyra responded.

In the clip, Kyra says, “I won. It’s over. I can’t even describe this high to you right now. He replied saying he was actually impressed by the execution of such a savage burn.”

By Monday, the TikTok had over 549,400 views. In a second video, Kyra shared screenshots of his response. He wrote: “Hahaha that was hella savage … Lately at work I’ve been working 14 hours with all this darn snow melting it’s been creating big washouts. So lately I’ve been trying hard to squeeze out what little social interactions here and there on this app.”

“Like I can’t,” Kyra says in the clip. “The fact that he actually thought he was contributing to the conversation. In what world? Like, you’re busy? Aww, you’re busy. I’m a full-time student. Fight me. If you don’t have time to talk, why are you on this app?

“The only thing I have on there, what are you looking for? Effort,” she adds.

Commenters on TikTok applauded Kyra for her “slick set up.”

“Men do that all the time,” one TikToker wrote. “I think it’s because they honestly believe that having a conversation just involves talking about themselves.”

“And you know the whole time he’s thinking ‘Wow, she’s such a great conversationalist’—bc he loves talking about himself,” another wrote.

Others said they wouldn’t entertain poor conversations for so long. “I unmatch after 48 hours of carrying convos myself,” a user commented.

“Girl match his energy, dont carry it out for this long. time is opportunity for others,” another wrote.

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