Khloé Kardashian Sets The Record Straight On Whether She Has Butt Implants

Khloé Kardashian has responded to claims by fans that she has butt implants after sharing a workout video that highlighted her firm derrière.

On Friday, a Kardashian fan account on Instagram re-posted one of the middle Kardashian sister's recent workout videos.

In the post, Khloé, 37, can be seen in a gym wearing tight pink leggings and a matching sports bra.

Considering the appearance of her glutes in the video, it wasn't long before the post racked up accusations of cosmetic enhancement.

One person wrote: "This girl takes great care of herself but if you can not see those [butt] implants [you're] blind."

Another insisted: "Come on - own your [s***]! Who cares if you got implants or injections? Just own it!"

A third argued: "May not be implants but be honest about butt enhancements injections if [you're] going to post and advocate being healthy eating and exercising then also be honest about what you have gotten done it’s not cool letting girls who look up to you and who want to look like you think it’s all natural."

Now, Khloé, outspoken as ever, has hit back at claims she was sporting butt implants in the video as she joined the discussion in the comments section.

"lol silly goose," the Good American founder wrote. "It’s the seam design of the leggings. that’s so funny ha! You guys just want to believe anything bad."

While some commenters took the reality star at face value, many refused to believe she did not enhance her bottom.

“Naaaa stop it !!! It’s not any seam, it’s clearly another layer of something else. It’s totally cool it’s her body as long as she’s happy,” responded one naysayer to her explanation, with another critic saying: "Please stop lying about getting impants. You're hurting other people."

Khloé is no stranger to incessant comments on her appearance. In fact, earlier this year, trolls took to the comments section of her social media posts to tease her for the way her hands and fingers looked in the images.

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