Kate Hudson Tells Goldie Hawn To Dance, Her Moves Keep Audience Roaring

Mother and daughter duo Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson shared intimate details about Kate's recent pregnancy while hosting the Ellen Degeneres Show in 2019. The audience loved the banter of the pair as well as a quick look at the new baby in Ellen's arms.

Co-hosting gave the mother-daughter pair the opportunity to share a few moments of their private lives with their fans. They brought a lively vibe to the show

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Show highlights include the pair hamming it up during the opening monologue and sharing details about Kate's second pregnancy and birth. The entire show was a mix of surprises and some really funny moments. Goldie and Kate seemed to be having a fantastic time, making the entire episode fun to watch from start to finish.

Part of the show involved a conversation between Kate and her mother, sharing the recent birth of her second child, Rani Rose. Goldie was able to join Kate for the birth. She mentioned that she asked permission before assuming she would be there for the special arrival: "I said, 'Would it be okay? Would you want me to be in the room?'"

Kate said it would be okay. (Apparently, Goldie didn't ask permission for Kate's first birth).
According to Kate, she ended up having a walking epidural and after the pushing started, the birth happened really fast. Hudson did mention that her mother wanted an up-close and personal view of the baby's arrival. So much so that the doctor quipped, "Goldie, if you get a little closer, you might fall in!"

The audience laughed at Kate's description. Goldie decided to provide a visual demonstration of what happened, with as much humor as possible of course. Squatting down a bit, Hawn described the doctor doing his job. "He was sort of like this, leaning down, doing the thing..."

Goldie leaned in trying to get a look over the doctor's shoulder. When the baby's head appeared, Goldie said, "Oh! There's the head!" That's when the doctor mentioned Goldie might fall in if she gets any closer.
At the beginning of the show, Kate started the opening all by herself. She was wearing a black kaftan with a multi-colored Bohemian print with her blond hair cut short and styled in tight waves. To accompany her outfit, she rocked delicate necklaces and dangling earrings. A pair of patent boots took the entire look to a more modern vibe.

"Hi, welcome to The Ellen Show! I'm Kate Hudson - I'm hosting the show with my mom. She's late! She's always late!" Goldie walked on stage as Kate finished her opening line. The audience gave both a resounding round of applause.

Hawn wore a white jumpsuit and large silver earrings, with her hair in her typical wavy short style. She skipped over to Kate and both ended up jumping for joy as the audience continued roaring with applause.
Both complimented the other on their looks. Goldie quipped, "I'm so sorry I'm late! Did we start?" It was a bit obvious but endearing.

With both on stage, Kate continued the monologue. "They told me to be myself and..." Goldie finished the thought, "I know, that was what I was worried about most, actually, about you being yourself."

The audience roared with laughter, with both Goldie and Kate joining them.
They had previously been on The Ellen Show back in September 2018. That night had devolved into a comical ruckus and neither knew if they would ever be invited back. Of course, Ellen invited the pair back and gave them the opportunity to host the show.

It was a wonderfully special moment for the pair. Goldie shared a secret. She wanted to meet the show's resident DJ, Stephen "tWitch" Boss.

With that, Goldie and Kate started moving through the audience, busting a move. The energy and sheer joy were shared by everyone present for the moment.
After the show got started, Kate promised that both of them would be on their best behavior. She mentioned that she had recently had her daughter. A big picture of the newborn, Rani, appeared on the screen behind them.

Kate had made a public announcement of her pregnancy back on April 6, 2018. She announced Rani's arrival on Instagram.

That was on October 2, 2018. Rani is Kate's second child and her first one with her current boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. Then, Kate asked if she could check in to see how Rani was doing. The screen popped to a picture of Ellen holding baby Rani while sitting in Hudson's home. Ellen told the pair, "Hey, Kate, Goldie. Don't worry. I've got everything under control – you focus on the show." She promised to take care of Rani. The camera came back to Goldie and Kate, both laughing.

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