Karen Suspects Man Of Stealing From Home Depot—He Pulls Out Receipt

In a viral TikTok video, a Karen suspects a man of stealing from Home Depot, but he has the receipt.

The user @pd2argu, a self-declared “Official Karen Lawdawg,” shared five videos recorded in a Home Depot parking lot where she suspects that a man and his friend stole their items.

In the first video, the TikToker approaches a man after a Home Depot employee told her that he didn’t pay for his items, she says. The woman then demands he returns the items, one of which was still in the security box that employees remove when customers check out.

The following videos show the man leaving the stuff on the ground and entering his car, while his friend, who also has an item, arrives.

“Did you steal that shit, or did you pay for it?” she asks the friend.

“What are you talking about? I got a receipt,” he says, pulling it out just as a Home Depot employee comes to collect the alleged stolen items.

“They just gotta make sure, dude, because you’re with him, and he stole that stuff,” the TikToker says.

“I ain’t no fucking thief. I work hard for my shit,” he responds.

The user’s fourth video featuring her accusations against the man who did not steal gained over 5.3 million, sparking debate in the comments. “Part 4 of Officer Karen’s Justice,” she titled the clip.

Several users questioned why the TikToker called them out, though many videos on her account show the woman intervening in similar instances.

“If I catch anybody stealing I’m not saying nothin … not my Business,” one user said.

“Bro why are you investigating them … it’s not that deep man,” said another.

Others accused the TikToker of racially profiling the man and judging him based on his appearance.

“Why do I feel like she did that because of his color bro like she needs to leave people alone,” one user said.

“That’s literally just because he has a tattoo,” another said.

The TikToker responded in a comment, noting that she only questioned him because his friend allegedly stole items. “It’s literally bc his partner in crime stole 2 things! Watch the other videos!” she said.

However, in the fifth and final video she shared of the incident, the TikToker declared the man “guilty by association” in the caption.

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