‘Karen’ Stands In Mcdonald’s Drive-thru Line To Hold Spot For Her Husband’s Truck

A woman was filmed saving a spot for her husband’s truck in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Another customer records a woman standing in the middle of the drive-thru line. The filmer aims to explain what’s occurring while filming.

“I just pulled into McDonald’s, and this lady is holding this spot in front of this van for her husband to cut us all in the drive-thru, so she can get her McDonald’s first,” she says in the video. “There is a line for a fucking reason.”

The video was uploaded to TikTok by an account that reposts viral Karen videos, so it is unclear where the clip originated. But the TikTok received over 1 million views since it was posted in late March.

Many viewers claimed the other customers in line failed to hold the woman accountable.

“Everyone should just hold their horns down,” one said.

“Y’all let it happen,” another claimed.

“So get out of your car and stand in front of their car, don’t let them get in line,” a third suggested.

Others questioned why the woman didn’t just go inside the establishment.

“Why doest she just go inside?” one questioned.

“I meannnn is inside not open?” another asked.

Depending on when this video was filmed, the location may have been closed due to COVID. On its website, the company explained that “while more than 99% of our restaurants are open, we continue to act in line with local regulations, which unfortunately does mean that restaurants in select locations may be operating on limited hours or may be closed temporarily.”

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