Jesse Mccartney Crashes Table’s Birthday Song

If you sing “Happy Birthday” to someone in a public place, you might get an impromptu performance from musician and actor Jesse McCartney.

The “Beautiful Soul” singer popped up in a recent TikTok from @rrrrrrobin that has more than 818,000 views. In the clip, a group of friends sits at a table, singing “Happy Birthday” to a man in a grey sweatshirt. Just as they’re wrapping up the song, the camera pans to McCartney at the bar, as he suddenly jumps in and sings the last line. He then pauses and says, “That’s what’s up.”

According to a comment from @rrrrrrobin, “it wasn’t even anybodys birthday,” but more people were curious as to why he just randomly jumped on the song. A few commenters referenced a birthday scene from the 2016 animated film Sing, suggesting McCartney was parodying that.

“I’m torn between second hand embarrassment and fangirling,” one commenter said.

McCartney, who’s more recently appeared on The Masked Singer, hasn’t addressed the TikTok yet. He did go viral in 2021, but for a very different video.

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